The Pi Kappa Kappa Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. was founded in Sicklerville, New Jersey on April 17, 1997. After much thought, the visionary, Brother Bobby Harris consulted with several inactive fraternity members because he felt there was a need for a chapter in Sicklerville, New Jersey, which would serve the suburban areas of Camden and Gloucester Counties. Via written correspondence, Brother Harris contacted and organized an initial meeting, which was held on October 24, 1996 at The Carolina Beauty Supply Co., his place of business.

Brother Gilbert Shaw received a letter from Brother David Wharton (Omega Chapter), the State of New Jersey Corridor IV Representative, with greetings in the name of the Supreme Basileus and in memory of our beloved founders. Brother David Wharton also requested Biographical Data Forms from the brothers wishing to become financial. Though there was some initial concern from Brother Wharton about over-saturating South Jersey with an additional chapter, The Pi Kappa Kappa Chapter was chartered in the second quarter of the following year on April 17, 1997.

Since its origin, The Pi Kappa Kappa Chapter has been an integral part of the Lower Camden County region. The chapter has engaged in numerous public service projects, which have enhanced the lives of residents in the community. In adhering to one of our four cardinal principles, SCHOLARSHIP, the chapter has given out several thousands of dollars in community scholarships during its existence.

Since the establishment of Pi Kappa Kappa Chapter, the membership has grown significantly through reclamation and by way of new initiates. Today, Pi Kappa Kappa Chapter is home to over twenty brothers and we anticipate continual growth in years to come.

The Brothers of Pi Kappa Kappa Chapter vow to continue their efforts towards economic, social, and community uplift. As the Chapter grows, so too will its ability to positively affect the lives of the general community.


Pi Kappa Kappa Chapter Founding Charter Members:

Greg Ackles
Thelbert Bradley
Leon Briscoe
Frederick Foard
Bobby Harris
Wayne Harris
Eric Hill
Harold Hill
Thaddeus A. Mackey (Omega Chapter)
Herbert Mills
Curtis Patrick
James W. Stevenson
Fred Williams (Omega Chapter)
John F. Willis, Jr.


1999  First Blood

1 – Howard Darby
2 – Joseph Harper
3 – James Moore

2001 Lone Survivor

1 – Paul Thorpe  

2005 The Horror of the Shade

1 – Mike Morrel
2 – Mark Coston

2008 Tales From the Crypt

1 – Jeremy Phipps
2 – Dr. Tim Vidale

2014  99 Problems

1 – Elliott Lumpkin

2018 3 Sons of Sirius

1 – Jermaine Bird
2 – Jamie Williams
3 – John Davis